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JETAASC Mentorship Program

​JETAASC is pleased to announce its inaugural Mentorship Program. This six-month virtual mentorship program serves to bring the JET alumni community together by creating meaningful professional development relationships between recent returnees and mid-to-senior career professionals. This program is designed to provide mentees with the tools, resources, and networks that they can use to advance their careers in various industries.

What are the goals of the program?

  1. To pilot a mentorship program for JETAASC recent returnees and early career professionals by providing them with professional development opportunities and personal development strategies to support their career goals.

  2. To provide an opportunity for mid-to-senior career professional JET alumni who are interested in giving back to the JETAASC community by sharing advice, experiences, and expertise through mentoring partnerships.

Application Guidelines

To apply to be a mentee or mentor, click here to submit an application.

Mentee Eligibility and Expectations

Those eligible to apply to the program as mentees must be:


  • JET Alumni. Preference will be given to alumni who have returned from the program in the last three years (since 2018). Special consideration will be given to 2020 JET returnees;

  • Alumni who currently reside in the SoCal and AZ metropolitan areas or have concrete plans to relocate to those areas by the conclusion of the program (September 2021).

This program is mentee-driven, and mentees are expected to take initiative to drive the relationship and be responsible for their own career development and planning. Mentees should be accessible, committed and engaged during the length of the program.

Program Timeline

The program will officially begin with a Kick-Off and Networking Event in April 2021. 

At the conclusion of the program, JETAASC will hold a Closing Ceremony in September 2021, where each mentoring pair will be asked to share their takeaways and experiences on the program. 


Mentees and their mentors will independently schedule and hold monthly check-ins with each other based around professional development themes to discuss. It will be the mentees’ responsibility to reach out to mentors to schedule these meetings. 


The program runs from April 2021 – September 2021, and mentees and mentors will independently schedule and hold monthly meetings with each other. Mentoring pairs are also encouraged to attend events, webinars and activities hosted by JETAASC.


Mentee/Mentor Application Deadline: March 31, 2021 by 11:50 PM PST

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