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Ribbon Lei-Making for Graduation

With graduations around the corner, why not learn to make ribbon leis? Please join us for a virtual family-friendly Mother's Day event to learn to make them. One of our alumnus - Saya - will be leading this session. Hope to see you there!

Date & Time: Sunday, May 8, 2022, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (PST)

Contact: Saya,

Here's a preview of the lei we will be making and the supply list:

  • For each money flower you will need 3 bills. Please prepare 9 bills of any denomination.

  • Twist ties or floral wire

  • 6 strands of 3/8" ribbon - 2 strands measuring 3 continuous yards and 4 strands measuring 5 continuous yards. (For the lei in the photo above, 2 strands of blue satin ribbon (3 yards each), 2 strands of red satin ribbon (5 yards each) and 2 strands of blue satin ribbon (5 yards each) was used).

**Pro tip, to prepare for the class, measure out the strands, and wrap them around a piece of cardboard (like a bobbin) so they don't get tangled.

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